The 22 Immutable Laws Of Marketing Overview

Discover the twenty-two universal laws that govern marketing success. Learn how to create an effective marketing strategy by leveraging the laws in your favor. And avoid common pitfalls that can waste the valuable time and money of those that violate them.

The 22 Immutable Laws Of Marketing Book Summary 

Who Should Read It

Founders, entrepreneurs, or marketers interested in brand positioning and marketing strategy. While many of the business examples in the book are dated at this point, the lessons remain applicable today. It’s a short book that every marketing enthusiast should read at least once.

About the Authors

Al Ries

A legendary branding strategist, bestselling author and originator of the concept of Positioning.

Jack Trout

Jack Trout is the president of Trout & Partners, a marketing firm with offices in 14 countries. The author or coauthor of numerous bestselling books, Jack Trout is responsible for the freshest ideas in marketing in the last 20 years.

Publisher Details

Published By: HarperBusiness
Date Published: March 27, 1995
ISBN-13: 978-0887306662