Episode 011 - Summary of Hacking Growth

Episode 011 - Summary of Hacking Growth

Readamp Marketing Podcast // November 22, 2019

This is the first of two episodes focused on Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown. This one covers the book summary as published on ReadAmp.com while the next episode will feature a discussion of the book.

Synopsis: Stalled growth is one of the most pressing challenges in business today. The growth hacking method helps companies achieve breakout results by building a culture of continuous experimentation. It’s an approach that applies to all levers of growth, including: user acquisition, activation, retention, and monetization.

Who It's For: Marketers, managers, founders, or leaders that want to drive product or business growth. It doesn’t offer a silver bullet or set of marketing hacks to instantly transform your results. Instead it provides a process for building cross-functional growth teams that create results through continuous experimentation.

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