Episode 013 - Summary of Conversational Marketing

Episode 013 - Summary of Conversational Marketing

Readamp Marketing Podcast // December 6, 2019

This is the first of two episodes focused on Conversational Marketing by David Cancel and Dave Gerhardt. This one covers the book summary as published on ReadAmp.com while the next episode will feature a discussion of the book.

Synopsis: Nobody likes to fill out lead forms. They’re static and impersonal, they act like roadblocks for buyers, and the follow-up experience is terrible. The conversational approach to sales and marketing uses real-time messaging and chatbots to quality leads, shorten your sales cycle, and provide a better user experience.

Who It's For: Marketers, sales reps, business development reps, and anyone else interested in qualifying leads, shortening the sales cycle, and providing a more human buying experience. It’s most applicable to B2B companies, SaaS providers, and other businesses that value long-term relationships.

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